Legal note

General terms and conditions

When booking your accommodation, the following terms and conditions apply to the rental agreement made between the renter and Costa Brava Si Lloguer Turistic S.L., henceforth called the Agency.

You can book an accommodation with us by telephone or internet. Then you receipt a rental contract. Within 7 days after receiving this contract you will have to pay a 30% advanced payment of a total renting cost. Also you will have to have agreed to the general terms and conditions which confirm that you have read and understood them.

The remaining 70% of the total amount should be paid 1 month before your arrival. The Agency reserves the right to cancel the reservation, if the entire amount of the reservation is not received in 7 days.

The price which appears when making a reservation is the weekly price for the available accommodation and period desired by you. 

The minimum stay in high season depends of each property and the arrival and departure too. In a off-season you can confirm with the agency less than 7 days and the day or arrival and departure can be another day than Saturday. Also the tenant has to paid on arrival, the deposit, the final cleaning and the touristic tax, specified in the contract.

The arrival time is  between 16:00 and 19:00 o’clock. When the tenant is a one  hour  to arrive at the house, they call at the agency telephone. If you can’t arrive at time, please contact with the agency to confirm your arrival.

The departure takes place no later than 10:00 o’clock on the morning, at an agreed time with the agency.      

In the event of a cancellation the following charges will be charged:

- Cancellation before 30 days before arrival will be refunded 100% of the payment made.

- Cancellation within 30 days prior to non-refundable arrival.

A cancellation is effective from the time that the agency has received this in writing.

In the case of force majeure of a unforeseen loss of the booked accommodation, the Agency , offers a choose between replacing the accommodation with similar accommodation , if possible, or the contract will be cancelled by returning the amount what had been paid by the renter until that moment.     

The occupation of the accommodation is limited to the number of persons as stated in the contract. The agency may refuse access to the accommodation in case this number is exceeded.                                                                                                                                                                                                Upon arrival at the house the cost of the deposit, the final cleaning or the touristic tax, and the remaining amount, has to be paid in cash.                                                                                                                                   The deposit will be returned at your departure in the manner and times mentioned in section 3 of this condition. If you want to leave outside these hours, the agency after verification of the accommodation, the amount of the paid deposit will be returned to you by bank transfer.                                         If the tenant causes damage to the property, these costs will be deducted from the deposit. If the costs of the damages will exceed the paid deposit, the difference has also to be paid but the tenant.

The tenant is obliged to leave the accommodation in good and presentable condition. The tenant has to respect the neighbours and rules of the community at all times. In case of negligence or inappropriate behavior, the agency reserves the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect and without prior notice. In this case the agency has not obligation to return the paid rental amount. 

With regards to use of swimming pools, we ask that minors are supervised by an adult at all times. The tenant has no right claim against The Agency or the owner of the property in relation to misuse of the pool.     

Although the agency verifies each accommodation after every change of tenants, it’s possible that there is something wrong in the accommodation. In this case, please contact the agency immediately and no later than 24 hours after your arrival at the accommodation. The agency will perform the necessary work to be done as quickly as possible. The agency is not responsible for objections when we have not received a complaint about this within the specified time.

If the rented accommodation appears to have such a serious defects that normal use of the accommodation is not possible, the agency will be obliged to find an alternative with similar features and price. If this Is not possible due to a lack of available accommodation, a part of the paid rent will be refunded to you, depending on the time you have spent in the accommodation, without charging   to the agency any further responsibility.

The agency will not be responsible for the following cases:

-          Negligence or failure of services by third parties.

-          Malfunction or incorrect operation of community pools, playgrounds and sports facilities of any kind of which responsibility is for the user.

-          Theft in the accommodation.

-          Damage to persons or accommodation caused by an act of God, unforeseen circumstances or natural causes such as weather, where the agency can not react.

-          The Agency and the owner hold no responsibility for any inconvenience/annoyance caused by either building works or any public or private demonstration held in the vicinity of the property.

When booking an accommodation the above conditions apply.

Both these general conditions as the rental contract between you and the agency are applied and controlled to the Spanish law according to the court in Sant Feliu de Guíxols (Girona) Spain. Neither party has the right to initiate judicial proceedings with any other law court regardless of present or future country of residence.